Calculus: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus: Definite Integrals – #150

Question: Suppose that t years from now, one investment plan will be generating profit at the rate of cramster-equation-20064241224526328147829207812508910hundred dollars per year, while a second investment will be generating profit at the rate of cramster-equation-20064241226186328147837853125001267

hundred dollars per year.

a) For how many years does the rate of profitability of the second investment exceed that of the first?

b) Compute the net excess profit assuming that you invest in the second plan for the time period determined in part (a)

Sketch the rate of profitability curves cramster-equation-2006424122986328147854840625001270 and cramster-equation-2006424123096328147860942187504299 and shade the region whose area represents the net excess profit computed in part (b)


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