Operations Management: Other Operations Management Problems – #281

Question: MSA Computer Corporation manufactures two mod­els of minicomputers, the Alpha 4 and the beta 5. The firm employs five technicians, working 160 hours each per month, on its assembly line. Management insists that full employment (i.e., all 160 hours of time) be maintained for each worker during next month’s operations. It requires 20 labor hours to assemble each Alpha 4 computer and 25 labor hours to assemble each Beta 5 model. MSA wants to see at least 10 Alpha 4s and at least 15 Beta 5s produced during the produc­tion period. Alpha 4s generate $1,200 profit per unit, and Beta 5s yield $1,800 each. Determine the most profitable number of each model of minicomputer to produce during the coming month.


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