Statistics: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) – #4494

Question: Suppose we’re interested in nonsense syllable learning. We select three groups of participants, each of which learns a list of nonsense syllables under different conditions. The first group learns the list in a normally lit room; the second group learns the list in a darkened room lit only by a small lamp placed near the memory drum (a rotating device with a small window where each nonsense syllable appears briefly); the third group learns the list in a room with flashing lights. We record the number of repetitions of the list each participant requires before he or she has an errorless repetition. We intended to have the same N in each group, but one of the participants was unable to complete training and her data were discarded. The data are as follows:

Group X1
(Normal Room)
Group X2
(Dark Room)
Group X3
(Flashing Lights)
5 3 10
7 4 11
6 5 20
10 10 13
15 7 10
11 6 8
8 2 7
7 4 12
5 12

Compute F and test it for significance.


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