Statistics: ANOVA – #27624

Question: Desmarais and Curtis (1997) conducted a study to examine how women and men evaluate their worth as employees. They hypothesized that an individual’s perception of how much they should be paid for a task would be affected by gender and recent pay for past jobs. They conducted an experiment in which male and female students were asked to determine how much money they should earn to perform a certain task. The subjects also reported the amount of money that they earned during the previous summer. The following is an excerpt from the authors report:

“Participants’self-payments were analyzed with a 2×3 (Gender of Participants X Recent Income Experience) analysis of variance (ANOVA). Contrary to the prediction that recent income would influence self-pay, the data revealed no pay allocation difference by income experience (F(2,66)=1.99. Also, there was no significant interaction of gender and income history, F(2,66)=0.61. In keeping with previous research on perceived income entitlement, men paid themselves significantly more (M=$3.99) than did women (M=$2.74), F(1, 66)=5.86, p<.02.

Briefly (10 sentences or less) describe these results to a person who has never had a statistics course. (10 points)


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