Statistics: ANOVA – #29349

Question: We are examining the results of a study of eye-witness testimony. The investigators wish to know whether recall of important information is influenced by the severity of the criMeand the amount of time that passes before the witness is asked to recall important events. The study is described below. The first independent variable is severity of the crime. A videotape is made of a man stealing a woman’s purse in an uncrowded clothing store. A second videotape is made, using the same actors, of a man using a gun to rob the cash register of the same clothing store. In this scenario, the woman is a sales clerk behind the cash register and there are two people standing at the counter. The second independent variable is time to recall. Subjects are asked to view the videotape and to imagine that they are at the crime scene. In the "immediate" condition, subjects are asked a series of questions about the crime within 10 minutes of viewing the videotape. In the

"delay" condition, they are asked the same series of questions about the crime 20-30 minutes after viewing the tape. This is designed to be similar to an actual crime scene where there is some delay when taking witness statements.

Perform the appropriate analysis using SPSS. Please write up the results as you would in a scientific paper. For any significant main effects, please report the effect size. Please turn in the relevant portions of your SPSS output. (12 points)


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