Statistics: Hypothesis Testing – #29421

Question: A sample of white collar and blue collar workers was surveyed concerning their opinions regarding police violence. There were a total of 1,040 individuals surveyed as represented by the sample size. The second line represents those who believed that excessive force was used.

White collar Blue collar Total
Sample size (N) 425 615 1,040
Believe excessive force used (f) 275 325 600

a) Calculate the proportion of white-collar workers and blue-collar workers who believe excessive force was used.

b) Compute the combined sample proportion.

c) What is the standard error of the difference?

d) Translate the difference between proportions into units of the standard error of the difference (standard Z-value).

e) Based on your results, write a 1-2 paragraph essay that explains your observations obtained from this survey regarding perceptions in the community about the police department’s propensity to use excessive force.


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