Statistics: Testing Hypothesis with the t-statistic – #29359

Question: Researchers are interested in whether depressed people undergoing group therapy will perform a different number of activities of daily living before and after group therapy. The researchers have randomly selected 8 depressed clients in a 6-week group therapy program.

Use the five steps of hypothesis testing to determine whether the observed differences in numbers of activities of daily living (shown below) obtained before and after therapy are statistically significant at the .05 level of significance and, for practice, at the .01 level. (Clearly indicate each step).

In Step 2, show all calculations. As part of Step 5, indicate whether the researchers should recommend group therapy for all depressed people based on evaluation of the null hypothesis at both levels of significance and calculate the effect size.

A 11 17
B 14 15
C 8 12
D 9 21
E 13 16
F 10 18
G 7 17
H 12 8


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