Statistics: Testing Statistical Hypothesis – #29453

Question: You have been asked to evaluate data regarding all 50 staff working in Co. XYZ.

i) Calculate the proportion of employees that are:

a) male (3 marks)

b) female (3 marks)

ii) Calculate the average level of job satisfaction among staff. (3marks)

iii) a) Present the salary data as a frequency distribution of grouped data (5 marks)

b) Represent the frequency distribution as a histogram (5 marks)

iv) Calculate the mean (m) and standard deviation (s) from the frequency distribution. (18 marks)

v) Assume the salaries follow a normal distribution and use your results from Part iv) above to calculate the following:

a) the proportion of salaries above €42,000 (6 marks)

b) the proportion of salaries between €30,000 and €35,000 (7 marks)


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