Statistics: Working with Confidence Intervals – #29485

Question: Consider the data set labeled NBA 2008-2009 Data available under Data Sets in Excel in the main menu.

(a) Select 25 basketball players, and record their heights and weights in two columns.

Display your data values. There should be 25 data values in each column.

(b) You would like to see whether there is a correlation between the players’ height and weight. Let height be the explanatory (X) variable, and weight be the response (Y) variable. Use EXCEL to obtain a full regression output.

(c) Identify the intercept and slope, and write the regression equation. Identify the coefficient of determination, and interpret the result.

(d) Calculate the coefficient of correlation, and interpret the result.

(e) Find a 95% confidence interval for the population slope. Does the population slope exceed 0? To answer this question, state the hypotheses, identify the p-value, and interpret the result.

(f) Provide a scatter diagram produced by EXCEL.

(g) Identify and interpret the greatest positive residual. Provide the complete list of residuals.


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